Our Mission

Seed Society is a very special social experiment. With your help, we aim to create an NFT community where commitment is recognized, where patience is rewarded, and where everyone thrives when they root for each other.

To reach those goals, we asked ourselves:

  • How can we encourage kindness, play, and generosity?
  • How can we cultivate an NFT community that values commitment over profit?
  • How can NFTs provide shared experiences that connect strangers?


Tiny Tubers

444 Tiny Tubers in the Seed Society genesis collection, each with a unique name


x 444

4 types of Tubers representing different root vegetables





111+ unique Tuber attributes, as well as a number of rare and 1/1 accessory sets




5 stages of growth which require dilligent watering and care to advance through

Tiny Tubers are untradeable until they reach adulthood

How to Water

  1. Enter the Nursery
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Search any Tiny Tuber (yours or someone else’s) by their unique name
  4. Water the Tuber! Progress is tracked on-chain


Tuber Minting

Mint your Tiny Tuber in the Nursery. From then on, this Tuber is under your care, and is untradeable until it reaches adulthood. Following whitelists will be announced in the coming weeks.

2022 Q1: Tuber Nursery

Grow your Tiny Tuber by watering it in the Nursery. Collaborate with other gardeners in the Seed Society Discord.

2022 Q1: The Gardener Leaderboard

Climb the leaderboard by helping water other gardeners` Tubers.

2022 Q1/Q2: Tuber Graduation

Celebrate - your Tuber is now all grown up! Keep your Tuber in your collection, or share it with others. Tiny Tubers will be listed in Magic Eden and other marketplaces.


  • How much are Tiny Tubers to mint?

    Tiny Tubers will be available to mint at 0.5 SOL. Members of the first whitelist will be able to mint for 0.3 SOL.

  • How can I mint a Tiny Tuber?

    Follow our instructions on Discord and Twitter for a chance to make it on the whitelist! Come minting time, we recommend setting up Phantom wallet for Solana (guide here!). SOL can then be purchased and sent to your Phantom wallet via platforms like Coinbase and FTX. After that, visit the Nursery when it`s open to mint. Feel free to reach out to us for help!

  • Can I water my own Tiny Tuber?

    Yes, although Tubers watered by other gardeners will grow faster...

  • How long does it take for a Tiny Tuber to fully grow?

    A Tuber that’s diligently watered should fully grow in 3-5 weeks.

  • Can I trade my Tiny Tuber?

    Tiny Tubers can only be shared with others once they have reached maturity.

  • Does “permanently wither” mean my tuber will die if it’s not watered?

    Yes :-( If your Tuber is not watered at all for 7 days, it will die.

  • What’s under the hood?

    Tiny Tubers live on the Solana blockchain. Watering and growth data are all tracked on-chain, while images and token metadata are stored on Arweave according to the Metaplex Metadata Standard. The images are updated every time a Tuber grows. More details like contract address coming soon - contact Kale for further questions!

  • Who are the creators of Seed Society?

    Gardener Kale (@qualiaspace): Solana & web developer
    Gardener Ash (@EMPOWA): artist, community mgmt